All about Designer Bathroom Vanities

A house is like the human body. The human body, according to the wisdom of healers and aerobics experts, is like a temple. Since the temple deserves to contain only the best, the body likewise deserves to be filled with the best of all worlds. Your bathroom is certainly no different; much like the body, it needs to be maintained and periodically re-energized. Much like the body looks stunning in beautiful clothes and accessories, so does a bathroom look stunning with a high-end designer antique and contemporary bathroom vanity.

Abigail Virtu USA 48" White Antique Bathroom Vanity

Abigail Virtu USA 48″ White Antique Bathroom Vanity

When shopping for a designer bathroom vanity, you are most likely doing so with a set of criteria that fit a particular atmosphere you are seeking to create. Designer antique bathroom vanities are excellent examples of getting creative with styles, materials, and dimensions. Designer contemporary bathroom vanities thrive on the market as emblems of panache, tastefulness, uniqueness, and simplicity, all united in one package that is a functional necessity in every bathroom.

Bathrooms have elevated in status, as they have in importance within the home.  A person’s impressions about a home can arise from looking at the bathroom and its state of décor (and decorum). Therefore, more homeowners are taking stock of new developments in bath vanity models, as brand-name products become increasingly available to households of varied income brackets.

As the bathroom design spectrum becomes more varied and versatile, top names in the industry turn up the volume on unique forms, textures, and color schemes to accommodate a space, regardless of its layout and size. While antique form remains a favorite for many home decorators, whimsical tones and shapes is ultimately what helps capture the attention of anyone, who is looking to spruce up your home, not to mention the bathroom, itself.

BLOX Xylem 80" Floating Bathroom Vanity Set

BLOX Xylem 80″ Floating Bathroom Vanity Set

Design antique and contemporary bathroom vanities are the creations of renowned artisans, who are artists in their own right. Brand-name furniture that is carried by top firms in the business incorporates a wealth of choices for key bathroom fixtures that easily unite timelessness and trend in one designer bathroom vanity.

The primary purpose of a design contemporary bathroom vanity is to accommodate all of the necessary toiletries; in turn, the series of drawers in the cabinet help keep all of the equipment safe, as the space remains open and welcoming, both for you and your guests.

Designer contemporary or antique bathroom vanities that you find online is one with all the characteristics of a brand-name home furniture specimen; the key distinction is that the design vanity does not carry the designer price tag. In fact, discounts for design bath vanities are right at your fingertips.


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